Article published in Hydrogen Tech World, 5 December 2023. Read the article here

HYScale, a new EU-funded project, has been launched with the aim of upscaling an efficient, durable, sustainable, and cost-effective electrolyser technology capable of operating stably at higher current densities than the current state of the art, promising a significant advancement in green hydrogen production.

At the heart of HYScale’s strategy is the development of anion exchange membrane (AEM) water electrolysis technology, a cornerstone for the next generation of electrolysers. The HYScale technology, estimated to have a capital expenditure of only €400€ kW⁻¹, operates with CRM-free catalysts and electrodes and PFAS-free anion exchange membranes, offering a more sustainable and scalable solution to hydrogen production.

HYScale sets ambitious targets, including the upscaling and optimisation of materials synthesis, component, stack, and system production. With respect to materials and components, particularly membranes, ionomers, and electrodes will be enhanced and production upscaled. On the system level, a single 100 kW stack will be designed and produced with an active cell area of 400 cm². It will be integrated into a balance of plant at minimal costs to satisfy the target production price of €400 kW⁻¹. The HYScale electrolyser will be directly connected with renewable energy sources to demonstrate its stability, reliability, and compliance with the rules under the Delegated Act on a methodology for renewable fuels of non-biological origin.

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