Redefining green hydrogen production

Innovative electrolyser technology aiming at delivering economic and truly green hydrogen.

Advancing Green Hydrogen Production

HYScale is a multinational, industry-focused, interdisciplinary EU-funded project with a primary goal of enhancing its electrolyser technology to produce the green hydrogen.

The project will focus on refining materials synthesis and components production, particularly membranes, ionomers, electrodes, and porous transport layers, looking for optimisation and upscaling. 

The project’s final goal is to integrate the stack into a functional electrolyser system and to get to its validation in an industrial relevant environment (TRL5). 

Large-scale technology

Optimising stack components and plant design for enhanced energy efficiency and reduced resource demands.
Lowering the electrolyser's CAPEX and OPEX through smart design of materials, components, stack, and system.
Ensuring the scalability potential of water electrolyser production to multi-gigawatt (GW) levels in Europe before 2030.

What is a green hydrogen?

In the European Union’s quest for a sustainable future, green hydrogen is emerging as a game-changer in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This clean energy source is produced using electrolyser technology, which splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind power. This process is completely emission-free, aligning perfectly with the EU’s environmental goals.

The European Commission, recognising green hydrogen’s potential, has boosted the REPowerEU plan with an additional €200 million. This investment aims to fast-track hydrogen research, enhance its cost-effectiveness, and broaden its industrial application. It’s a strategic step towards meeting the ambitious targets of the EU Green Deal, showcasing a commitment to an eco-friendly energy transition.

Green hydrogen not only symbolises the EU’s innovative approach to tackling climate change but also reflects its goal of achieving a cleaner, more resilient energy future.

HYScale contributes to the European Hydrogen Strategy of the European Commission to maintain its leadership position in water electrolysis technologies and innovations.


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News & Events

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